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Learning ActionScript 3.0, 2nd Edition

A Beginner's Guide

Learning ActionScript 3.0, 2nd Edition

Book Description

If you're new to ActionScript 3.0, or want to enhance your skill set, this bestselling book is the ideal guide. Designers, developers, and programmers alike will find Learning ActionScript 3.0 invaluable for navigating ActionScript 3.0's learning curve. You'll learn the language by getting a clear look at essential topics such as logic, event handling, displaying content, classes, and much more. Updated for Flash Professional CS5, this revised and expanded edition delivers hands-on exercises and full-color code samples to help you increase your abilities as you progress through the book. Topics are introduced with basic syntax and class-based examples, so you can set your own pace for learning object-oriented programming.

Book Details

Publisher:O'Reilly Media
By:Rich Shupe, Zevan Rosser
File size:24.29 MB
File format:PDF


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